Plus Size Activewear

Plus Size fitness Fashion

Since becoming a mom fitness is something I’ve really slacked on.  Between working full-time and everyday tasks my health and fitness has taken a back seat.  However, over the last couple months, I started thinking about getting serious about my health and fitness again. Being plus size is something that I’m 100% comfortable with. But, Let’s […]

Melissa McCarthy Launches her Seven Collection for HSN

Melissa McCarthy Launches her Seven Collection for HSN  Yesterday was a big day for HSN, Seven Brand and Melissa McCarthy!  These three brands teamed up to create the Melissa McCarthy Seven Collection for HSN.  What’s great about this collection, is that they had every body type in mind when creating the line – I love […]

How To Prep Acne Prone Skin For Makeup: What skin care products I use

How to prep acne prone skin for makeup

I get asked a lot of questions from family and friends about skin care.  From what products are best for their skin, all the way to, what order do I apply them.  I thought I would put together a reference guide in the form of a video for my visual learners!   A list of the […]

Vaseline Intense Care Spray Moisturizer: A Summer Must Have


If there is one thing I can’t stand- it’s the feeling of greasy moisturizer.  To be honest, it’s the reason I don’t wear body lotion.  I just can’t stand the feeling of getting out of the shower, all nice and clear, then immediately putting greasy lotion on. It’s like, What’s the point of showering if I’m going […]

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