How To Prep Acne Prone Skin For Makeup: What skin care products I use

How to prep acne prone skin for makeup

I get asked a lot of questions from family and friends about skin care.  From what products are best for their skin, all the way to, what order do I apply them.  I thought I would put together a reference guide in the form of a video for my visual learners!   A list of the […]

Vaseline Intense Care Spray Moisturizer: A Summer Must Have


If there is one thing I can’t stand- it’s the feeling of greasy moisturizer.  To be honest, it’s the reason I don’t wear body lotion.  I just can’t stand the feeling of getting out of the shower, all nice and clear, then immediately putting greasy lotion on. It’s like, What’s the point of showering if I’m going […]

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need


I’m a sucker for anything that MAKE UP FOR EVER comes out with. I love artistry brands because of their high quality and versatile. MAKE UP FOR EVER recently released two new palettes, MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need and MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 2- Artistic […]

Urban Decay Afterglow 8- Hour Powder Blush in Bang


  All beauty products tend to get me very excited, however, when one of my favorite brands releasing  a new product – it super get pumped! When I saw these long-wearing stunners,  I might have yelled, “URBAN DECAY HAS BLUSHES???” Urban Decay released the new Afterglow 8- Hour Powder Blushs is 12 gorgeous shades ranging from subtle neutrals […]

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