Bliss A-Bright Face Facial At Home Gift Set


The older I get, the more skin my and the health of my of it becomes a concern.  As a youthful twenty year old, my skin wasn’t a concern, really, at all.  I know!  That’s terrible looking back.   Once I hit 30, I started noticing changes in my skin.  It’s started looking dull, became […]

Plaid Poncho

Fashion to Figure Poncho

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All About the Basics


           If you took a peek into my closet you would see that I’m a lover of basics. They’re versitial, classic and nessassary in everyone’s wardrobe!   Honestly, if you looked into my closet you probably wouldn’t be that impressed. There are a lot of plain colored tshirts, blouses, dresses, about 25 pairs of […]

I Casual Day Off Style

Today is my day off.  Normally you’ll find me chillin at home in my pj’s all day.  However, today I was scheduled to do a photo shoot for a local boutique I model for.  I threw this look together and I have to admit… These are my favorite looks because they are casual, comfortable but […]

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