How to shop at IKEA as a Newbie

The anticipation has been building for years, whether IKEA was going to make its way to Indiana.  When I found out that the city of Fishers was getting an IKEA I was elated!  However, I’m a newbie to IKEA, but I learned so much about How to Shop at IKEA as a Newbie when I went to the recent press, and I want to share 3 keys to shopping at IKEA as a Newbie Family!

1. IKEA loves Families


So moms and dads listen up!  They love us so much that they don’t want us to have to walk 12 miles to our car with a blue bag stuffed to the brim with goodies, while also lugging a 45 lb child that’s fallen asleep in IKEA.  Family parking spaces are reserved near the front entrance for expectant mothers and families at most IKEA locations.  So nice, right?!

Did you know they offer childcare? Right,  my mind was blown!  Smaland the magic forest of play and fun. Is where you can drop your children off for a more peaceful, seamless shopping trip. However, there are some requirements.  Your child must be potty trained, meet posted height requirements, you MUST stay in IKEA  while your child is in Smaland and there is a time limit.  Those are just a few key requirements.  They will share more upon drop off.

2. Join the IKEA Family Loyalty Program

How does FREE coffee sound? What about an extra 30 minutes of kid-free shopping time?  Oh, what about 90 price protection?  Well, these are all perks to being an IKEA family member- did I mention it’s FREE!!


Here is a list of my favorite  IKEA Family perks!

  • IKEA FAMILY Members get free coffee or hot tea every time they visit. Simply show your IKEA FAMILY card to the cashier in the IKEA Restaurant.
  • IKEA FAMILY members receive an extra 30 minutes in SMÅLAND, our supervised children’s play area (capacity-depending).
  • If a product which you purchased using your IKEA FAMILY card goes on sale at a lower price anytime within 90 days after your purchase, simply bring in your receipt, and we’ll refund you the difference.
  • Every month, we randomly select one lucky IKEA FAMILY member from each store, who wins a $100 IKEA Gift Card. Just swipe your card whenever you make a purchase, or simply check-in by scanning your card at one of the in-store IKEA FAMILY kiosks, and you’re entered for a chance to win!

These are just a few of the benefits when it comes to being an IKEA Family member.To start taking advantage of all the fantastic benefits, sign up today, online or in store!

3. Explore the Showrooms


For me, this was my biggest takeaway because home design doesn’t come easily to me.  I very visual, so taking a stroll through the rooms they have set up was giving me a lot of inspiration and ignited creativity for elements I wouldn’t think to put together.  In the Indy locations, they have 50 rooms to drawl inspo from.

Another cool element is they have rooms set up by square footage so you can visually see how your room would look while taking in how it feels, too!

Going back to how IKEA loves family, they are aware that not every family and/ or person has the same budget.  In the kitchen section of the building. There was what they call “Kitchens for many” which was a full on mock kitchen set up in $3,000, $12,000 and $18,000 price range!  I loved this idea!

Also, a quick pointer, if you stay on what IKEA calls the “natural paths” you won’t get lost.  Because there are arrows projected from the ceiling to keep you on track.  Be sure to find the big blue directional signs to find “shortcuts” for a quick shopping trip.


Well… What do you think?  Are you feeling less anxious and more prepared for your IKEA shopping trip?  I hope these tips were helpful and I you feel more confident about How to Shop at IKEA! If you’re in the Indy area don’t forget to head to the new IKEA in Fishers, IN! It’s a beautiful one story, 289,000 square foot playground for the family.

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All the Ruffles: Plus Size Ruffled Sweaters and Sweatshirt

Happy Friday! Do y’all have any fund plans this weekend? I have to tell y’all I’m living for all the plus size ruffled sweaters and sweatshirts right now! I absolutely love how soft and girly they look, but also how anything with a ruffle detail instantly look chic.

Take this sweatshirt for example! I’m a mom and I don’t want clothes that are fussy for everyday wear. I like this style because it’s more fitted through the mid section. I appreciate that since the sleeves make a heavier statement. It’s the perfect balance for my body type. This a straight size top, I’m wearing a XXL.

Plus Size Ruffled  Sweaters & Sweatshirts 

Plus Size Ruffled Sweaters & Sweatshirts

How can you not love the sleeves? Honestly the sleeves are what made me love this top! And the pearls are perfectly placed and darling!

Plus Size Good American Jeans

These jeans, y’all! They are the Good American brand. These are hands down THE BEST JEANS OF LIFE! I’ve never been one to splurge on jeans, but as I get older I realize that quality is way more important to me than quantity. I have an apple shape, and It’s really difficult to find jeans that fit my legs, without cutting my circulation off in the stomach area. These jeans are made for ladies with bigger bums. Meaning they have much more room in the waist than most denim. So, they also work for me because I have a larger mid section.

But what I love the most is that they don’t stretch out after 20 minutes. They do loosen up, but don’t lose their shape!

These shoes are the perfect way to add an it if fancy to any outfit! I love adding shoes with an unexpected print, loud color, or funky texture. It takes the look to a whole new level!

So what do you think? I just love the simplistic chic vibe that this outfit gives off. I was able to move around without feeling restricted. These jeans are the best thing since slicked bread and you all need them, ok?! 😂

So, I did a little shopping for some of may favorite ruffled things below. Just simply click the photo to shop.

Tell me your favorite trends right now in the comments below!
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Plus Size Denim Picks: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale |Glamorously Mommy

Like some big box retailers, Nordstrom tends to focus on the straight size deals and misses the mark when it comes to plus size.   However, I was able to find a some really great items, that are not only a fantastic deal, but they are quality pieces that will last. Today, were talking all about plus size denim. 

Good American 

When entering the sale tent I instantly saw a pair of Good American jeans that were perfectly priced under $125 from $198!  I finished shopping of the rest of my items, got into the fitting room and the first thing I tried on was these jeans.  Y'all, they fit like a glove!  Because we know Khloe made these jeans for ladies with a curves and a bums, it actually works perfectly for us apple shaped girls, too!  

What I love so much is they fit perfectly on the legs and I love the extra room they provide in the stomach area without being too tight in my area of concern- which is my stomach.  

I always struggle with jeans that fit tight in the legs, but the waist is often too small.  So for me, these are perfect!  I would highly recommend you give them a try if you're an apple shaped lady.  With over 100 hands touching this denim,  its great quality, American homemade made denim! 

Update: I've worn these jeans 4 time without washing them and they are still holding their shape! This is huge!!!

Click to direct you to shop these jeans: Good American 

Wit & Wisdom

Now, Wit & Wisdom is a new brand to me.  But, can I tell you how excited I am that I found this brand.   These jeans come in at a more reasonable price tag if you're not Williams my to drop some cash on a pair of denim, without sacrificing quality. 

I purchased the Wit & Wisdom Ad- Solutions low rise ankle slimmer jeans.  Here what's the website says about them:   These jeans are designed to Essential skinnies are designed for a slimming fit in supersoft stretch denim with 'Ab-solution' technology to shape, smooth and lift in all the right places. These are a Nordstrom exclusive so I'm assuming there are a Nordi's brand.  

As Honorable mention I have to include KUT from the Kloth, too!  These are again, high quality jeans that will not disappoint. 

Click the links below to shop! 

Good American 

Wit & Wisdom

KUT from the cloth

Thanks for hangin with me today!


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Friday Faves-  Stylish slides from Sam & Libby

I, like many of you, love to follow fashion bloggers on ” The Gram”.  I was browsing the front page and saw  a post with the cutest sandals. They were a wide slide with a big pink bow and a cork sole- so cute!!  I liked the image, got a like to know it email, I open the email, clicked on the image and the sandals were almost $100, people,  a $100!!   I can’t….  Being the cheapo that I am I totally forgot about them. And I was like,  “no not going to happen!” 

 A few weeks later. I was strolling through Target, minding my own business, and next thing I knew! There they were… sitting on the shelf like they were just waiting for me!  You know, what’s even better?! They were black. Which means I can wear them with so many things!  Y’all I almost did the happy dance.  

I’ve only worn them for a day, so I’ll give to some more feedback soon, but I wanted to share this so you can snag a pair.  They also had them in a cream and light blue pinstripe!   (I might go back for those too…shhhhh!) Get them here girls… you need them!  

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Day to Night Fall Beauty Look

It’s no secret that Fall is my favorite time of year. I love Bonfires, sweatshirt weather, but what I love the most of all… Fall Beauty!
I swoon over bold berry lips, dark, sultry eyes and clean radiant skin!!
Today, I’m sharing a day- to-night Fall beauty look perfect for a girls night or date night! I’ve teamed up with my pals at Meijer to bring you this look!

IMG_0001 (1)
I always begin my day with skin care! Skin care is the basis of your Fall beauty routine so I always wash, treat and hydrate my skin every morning.

IMG_0007 (2)
After wearing makeup all day, my under eyes tend to become dry. To hydrate and brighten up my under eyes to use a touch of the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream.

IMG_0008 (1) IMG_0011 (2)
Next, I use the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome concentrating the cream eye shadow along the lower part of the eyelid and blend into the crease.

IMG_0021 (1) IMG_0024 (1)
To make this look really bold. I place a bit of the cream eyeshadow on the lower lash line to smoke out the bottom lash line.

IMG_0026 (1) IMG_0028
To touch up my lashes I sweep this inky black Covergirl Plumpify BlastPro Mascara from root to tip for a bolder, fuller blacker nighttime look!

IMG_0037 (1) IMG_0040
Finally, to finish up the look I apply a berry toned lip color to liven up the look without being too dark to this purple smoky eye!

IMG_0033 (1)


Looking to refresh your Fall Beauty Routine?  Head into Meijer to see their huge selection from dental care, hair care, body care and cosmetics!

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