Preparing for Cold and Flu Season with Nature Made Kids First Products

I received a sample of Nature Made Children’s Vitamins for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

Nature Made 4

With the cold & flu season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about those extra nutrients we need to fight off those nasty bugs. Unfortunately, my kiddo’s aren’t the best eaters. However, they love fruits, but they lack the same enthusiasm for vegetables.  So, we rely on vitamins to help fill that gap of the nutrients they’re missing. Nature Made has come out with a new line of vitamins, mineral and supplements designed for children and adolescents ages 4- 18 and we had a chance to try them before they hit store shelve in late October!

Nature Made vitamins

Over the last couple of days, my girls have been taking the new Nature Made KIDS FIRST line of vitamins and they LOVE them.  Every morning since they have tried the vitamins one of the girls comes to me and says, “Mommy, it’s time for our gummies.”   It’s funny because  in the past,  I’ve struggled to get them to take vitamins.   Although, they were gummy,  they still had that vitamin after taste and they didn’t like that. The Nature Made KIDS FIRST products are great- tasting, easy- to- chew gummies, without a yucky after taste! They take the Gummy multivitamin with omega-3, fiber, and vitamin c and the calcium + vitamin D.

The Nature Made KIDS FIRST line of products are made with all natural flavors, colors that are derived from natural sources, no synthetic dyes, no preservatives, no yeast, and they are gluten free.

Nature Made 2

Aside from being a great tasting, nutrient rich line of products, everytime a bottle of the Nature Made KIDS FIRST line is purchased, it will help a child facing a life- threatening medical condition, dream come true through the MAKE- A – WISH foundation. The purchase of Nature Made KIDS FIRST products will benefit MAKE – A – WISH with a donation for each bottle purchased, with a minimum guarantee of $100,000.

The Nature Made KIDS FIRST line of products will be sold exclusively at Target stores nationwide and on

Read more about Make-a-Wish Foundation and Nature Made KIDS FIRST Partnership

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DIY Creaseless Hair Tie

DIY Creaseless Hair Ties

Do you ever have those days where you have freshly washed and styled hair, but it’s driving you crazy?  You want to just wrap it up to get out of your face, but you don’t want to ruin your freshly style do!  That’s where the Creasless Hair Tie comes in!

After getting some creaseless hair ties in a package earlier this year –  I’ve been obsessed.  I just love that I don’t have to worry about ruining my hair by putting a crease in it. And apparently I’m not the only one who loves them.   After searching online to see where I could buy them, I found out that they are being sold for crazy high prices.  I’m talking like, upwards of $8 of six hair ties – it’s crazy!  Of course, being the DIY’er that I am – I decided to make my own.  So, I’m sharing how to make DIY Creaseless Hair Ties!

These are seriously so easy my girls could make them. The best part about it is you might already have some of the supplies you need at home.


Diy hair ties supplies

DIY Creaseless Hair Tie Supply List



Ruler or measuring tape

Fold over elastic

A tutorial isn’t really a need for this DIY  because all you basically do it tie the elastic. The directions are pretty self-explanatory, but  for my visual folks, I also added an image of how to tie these.

4 Simple step to create DIY Creaseless Hari ties


Basically, there are 4 simple steps to creating this DIY Creaseless Hair Tie.

Step 1. Measure your elastic out to the size. This will depend on the thickness of your hair and how many times you want it to wrap around your ponytail. I have a good amount of hair, but it’s not super thick, so I measured out 10 inches – that enough to wrap it twice.

Step 2. Next, you are going to lightly burn the exposed ends. This will keep your hair tie from fraying over time.

Step 3. Then tie the  two ends of your hair tie and pull it tight to prevent it from un-tieing.

Step 4. You’re done, girl! Tie your hair up and give these babies a try!

Seriously, how easy was that? I want to point out that Hobby Lobby now has a large assortment of fold over elastic. I loved the printed elastic, but they also have solid colors, too! They are regularly priced  at $2.99. However, I happened to get them while they were 50% off! I paid $1,49 for 3 yards, which can make close to thirty hair ties for $1.50!

That’s a steal compared to paying upwards of $5-$8 for 8 hair ties, right?  Not to mention you have full control over the colors and prints. These DIY Creaseless Hair Ties, are so easy to make, stylish, and they don’t put a crease in your hairstyle.

DIY Creaseless hair ties


4 Simple step to create DIY Creaseless Hari ties

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Choosing Healthy Oral Habits with Listerine

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf ofInfluence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”Listerine Products

As a mom, choosing healthy habits is so important. I have to set the example for my kids.  I have always been a great brusher and a faithful LISTERINE user (I love the original gold LISTERINE), but when it comes to flossing, I have slacked off.  That’s why we are changing up our oral care habits using some tried and true products from LISTERINE.

With Halloween and the Holidays around the corner, come a lot of sweet treats. Now is the time to start choosing healthier habits when it comes to our oral care routine. I’ve not only implemented healthier habits for myself, but I do the same for my children, too!

I was recently introduced to the LISTERINE Smart Rinse anticavity fluoride rinse for kids. My girls loved using this mouth rinse. I no longer have to worry about areas they are missing in their mouth because this fab bubble gum flavored LISTERINE Smart Rinse removes particles they may have missed from brushing  – which will help prevent cavities! I love that they put Barbie on the packaging to entice kiddos into using a new product they may be weary of.

Linsterine Smart Rinse

As a family, we have started making flossing a part of our oral routine. Listerine offers a variety of great products for everyone in our family. I love the Listernie Healthy White floss that’s designed to remove teeth stains from coffee, tea, and wine with the Micro-Grooves technology which removes plaque as well as having baking soda that whitens your teeth! My girls like to use the Listerine UltraClean Access Flosser. The stick makes it so easy for them to get into hard to reach areas  that they can’t normally reach, and the disposable heads make for an easy clean up.

Listerine Post


Listerine Healthy Oral Care

Listerine Healthy Habits

Listerine Barbie Smart Rinse


For the girls I have implemented a 3 step routine.

1. Brush for two minutes

2. Use the LISTERINE Smart Rinse

3. Finish up with  by flossing


This 3 step oral care routine has been simple for the girls to follow.  I feel comfortable as a mom knowing that they’re taking good care of their oral health needs. These products are all ADA approved which give me even more peace of mind. To find out where to buy LISTERINE Products go here. And make sure you check out their YouTube Channel, too!

Give some of these  LISTERINE products a try and let me know how they helped your family’s oral care routine.


Oral Hygiene Routine


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Sprint introduces a new network to Indianapolis and we’re in LOVE

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf Influence Central for Sprint. I received sample devices to facilitate this review”

As a longtime Sprint customer, I knew when the opportunity came up to write about the new Indianapolis  Sprint Spark and LTE network, it was something I had to jump on.  I have to admit Indianapolis has had some bumps over the years with the Sprint network, but the new network is a huge step up from before.

Over the years I have encountered some pretty frustrating service problems on the old Sprint network. I had dropped calls, dead spots, and poor voice quality.  Since Sprint has recently ungraded cell towers and replaced equipment to call sites throughout the Indianapolis area, I have noticed faster speeds, better call quality, and hardly any dropped calls… it’s AMAZING!!

Over the weekend, I was downtown Indianapolis for a conference near the Indiana Convention Center and I got a little taste of how the network has been improved. Sprint has not only improved the towers in the metro area, but they have updated towers at popular spots around Indy like the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis Children’s Museum and the Indianapolis Zoo.

HTC One M8 Review

I’ve been trying out the HTC ONE M8… I love it! This phone is great for the creative mind. Whether you like streaming videos, playing games, or if you’re a social media lover, you will love this phone. I’m a big social media advocate and I love to listen to music. So this phone is great for doing both of these tasks. The large screen is great for reading, while the two forward facing speakers are great for listening to music.

htc one m8 double speaker

htc one m8 dual front  camera

htc one m8 screen size

htc one m8 selfie settiing

HTC One M8 wide screen

This phone also has some amazing photo quality, with many different functions including a selfie option! This phone is honestly amazing. It has some many options other phones don’t. Check out this video to some of my favorite features in action.


As a long-time Sprint customer I feel comfortable saying I’ve seen big changes in the network, call quality,  as well as super fast data speeds. Sprint reported a 300%  growth in the network from 2011 until 2013. That’s huge growth, so I can confidentely say, I’m proud to be a Sprint customer!

Sprint also offers the best individual, couples and families, Sprint is determined to deliver the best values in wireless! Head on over to to check  it out for yourself!


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