10 Non- Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Oh, Easter!

Why must you evolve ridiculous amounts of candy to get kids obsessed  about when their next piece of candy is coming? Oh,  and not to mention, you  jack up on candy they can’t sit still for a second!

I try to keep my kids away from as much sugar as possible.  For many reason, but the biggest reason are because.

1. They get HYPER… enough said

2. It causes cavities… Dentist Bill

3. I can’t stand being asked when they can have their next piece EVERY FIVE MINUTES!!!

4. I eat it… ALL

Can you tell I really dislike candy “holidays”!!

I mean, I love it. But… my hips, stomach, and butt don’t need it, OK?

If you’ve been a longtime follower of mine then you know >>THIS MOM<< doesn’t play that!

So now that I’ve went on and on about how much I love/ hate candy. I want to share 10 Non- Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Girls.


non candy Easter baskets for girls

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