5 Chores for a 8-9 year old

Chores for 8-9 year olds

I believe doing chore is essential to your child’s growth. It teaches responsibility and work ethic at a young age. As a child, I had chores. I believe,  It instilled some of the values I have today as an adult. Now that I’m a mom, I have passed these teachings down to my children. My girls each have a list of chores they do on a weekly basis. I thought I would share a list of 5 Chores for a 8-9 year old with you today.

Breanna is my oldest. She just turned 9 and it’s time to really start teaching her about work ethic. So we gave a list of simple chores that she is responsible for. We expect her to keep track of what has and hasn’t done for the week. And she is expected to do these chores without being told.

5 Chores for a 8-9 year old

Empty and Fill the dishwasher (Daily: anything sharp is left for adults)

Empty Bathroom Trash  (once a week or as needed)

Vacuum the Kitchen floor (weekly or as needed)

Vacuum the Bathroom Floor (weekly)

Put away hanging and folded laundry (daily)

I know to some this could seem like it a lot, but these things take her less than 30 minutes to do. So, she still has plenty of time to be a kid. And let’s be honest, it helps her mama out a lot and she loves to be helpful. She is normally really good about getting these things done, but we are working on just doing them without being told. Hey, she’s 9 I don’t expect her to remember everything.

We have a 6 year old, too. So soon I will be writing a post on 5 Chores for 6-7 year olds so stay tuned for that.

Do your kids do chores? If so, what chores do they do? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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