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With moving into a new home comes the need (or want) for new decor. Right?. I thought so. We all know that moving can be very costly. With the moving costs, new decor, and not to mention all the little things you find along the way to buy.

I knew I wanted a new rug for my living room, but I didn’t wan to spend a lot of money, and  I didn’t want anything traditional. I just so happened to stumble upon RugsUSA.

I was amazed by the choice of gorgeous rugs. I went back and forth on what I wanted. Then I did some more browsing on their website. I knew, I had found “the one” It was the beauty RugsUSA Home Value Chevron Black Rug



I’m still in LOVE! I get so many complements  and So many people have asked, “I have to know where you got that rug.”

I reached out to RugsUSA, and they agreed to work with me! I was super excited to work with them. They have been so kind and patient with me as I took forever to write my post because of our move. I actually received my rug back in December, but I wanted to write my post once we were in the new house.

Here it is!



I LOVE it! After I received my order confirmation I received my rug in 4 days! I know! That was the quickest online shipment I had ever received. I am super impressed with the quality of my rug, for the price it sells for.

I am looking for a rug to put in my dining room under my kitchen table. What do you think of one of these?


I can believe I will be a long time customer of RugsUSA. If you’re in the market for a rug you should check RugsUSA out first. They also have a HUGE Spring Sale  50-80% off + FREE SHIPPING  going on RIGHT NOW.

To keep up to date on the latest news and sales visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!



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