How to avoid the Financial Hangover after the Holidays


We all see people posting pictures of  the crazy amounts of gifts they’ve gotten for their loved one’s on Christmas Eve. Let’s keep it real, we’ve all done it, myself included.  As giving people, we can let the Holiday spending go a little overboard. I love giving  gifts to others,  but hate the  January “financial hangover” when holiday shopping is over. And this year I’ve made a plan to NOT let this happen.

During the year, we, like most families have a pretty strict budget.  We pay the same things every time we get paid, have a nice little savings amount, but for some reason when the Holiday pressure starts creeping up, the budget goes out the window along with the savings.  This year I’ve made a commitment to not do this and I’m going to share a couple of ways to NOT let this happen.

 Shop Sales

When we think shopping sales, we automatically think, store sales. However, Once the Thanksgiving celebrations are done, be sure to add Capital One 360’s Black Friday Sale to your shopping list. Visit to give yourself the lasting gift of financial peace of mind by taking advantage of Capital One 360’s deals on banking, brokerage and mortgage products.

Of course, shop stores sale, too! Be mindful of prices and always be on the lookout for a sale price anywhere!

Earn Extra Money

This year, I got a part-time job to help with the extra cost of Holiday shopping. This way, all the hard work we’ve put in all year isn’t ruined by the extra cost. And we won’t have to take money out of out normal “household” budget to get our shopping done.

Another way to earn extra money is by using referral programs. Check into the places you are now shopping or bank to see if they have a program. If they have a program  in place, share why you love them and urge your friends and family to use them too! In addition to taking advantage of deals, Capitals One’s 360’s banking, brokerage and mortgage products yourself, you can give your friends and family the gift of financial peace of mind by encouraging them to take advantage of the deals and refer them to the sale. If they sign up, you may be eligible for a $40 referral bonus.

Setting a Holiday Budget & Tracking it

Even though my working has opened up our budget, that doesn’t mean I want to spend until there is nothing left. So setting a Holiday Budget is something I have implemented this year. I have a spreadsheet that I use to track how much I’ve spent on each person. As soon as I get in from shopping, I am coming directly to my computer, with my receipts in hand and plug-in the numbers. This way I don’t forget to put them in, and spend me than what my budget called for.

This year, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of the “Holiday Hangover.” Head in 2015 with a clear plan and a budget already in place. And take advantage of some of the deals Capital One are offering!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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