Back to School fashion for girls: Colored Skinnies

GlamorouslyMommy.comIt’s so hard to believe that summer is over. Although it’s bittersweet, I’m so glad it’s that time!  It’s time to have crazy hectic morning, homework and lots of fun!

Let’s talk girls fashion. I LOVE dressing Breanna & Abigail in the cutest fashions. Although, they are six (almost seven) and four, I think it’s important to show them how to look put together. However, coming from working in children’s fashion for the last four years doesn’t help my obsession for fashion. It now has moved from adult fashion, to children’s fashion too.

Back to school fashion

I’m totally obsessed about colored skinnies, I have them, my kids have them, I’m LOVING them. Heck, I would probably try to get my husband in them!! J/K!! I just love that to can really wear these with just about anything.  Here are some tops I would pair them with. You can find colored skinnies just about everywhere, but these are from Target they are priced at $14.99

You can pair colored skinnies with any kind of top, from graphic tee’s, to knit tops, or a blouse.  You can fins all of these tops at under the “girls” section for under $20. Forever21 carries colored skinnies  starting at $12.90!

I have also spotted Colored Skinnies at OldNavy, Walmart, H&M kids, and Zara Girls!

Happy Shopping



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