Tartelette In Bloom 


Tarte has always been one of my favorite makeup brands.  They are a brand that cultivates natural beauty products that preform like a dream.  I own many eye shadows and eyeshadow palettes and I think I could call this palette my all-time favorite… That’s big coming from a beauty product lover like me! 

Tarte released the Tartelette In Bloom palette in late 2015 as apart of their Spring 2016 collection. Instantly I was in love!  Although, I own and love the original Tartelette. I found that having both just justified because this palette is more warm and has more metallics and shimmer shadows.  And let’s just face it, I’m a sucker for a good warm neutral palette.  I was not leaving the store without this baby! 
All of the shadows perform beautifully.  They are creamy without being dusty, buttery to the touch and they blend effortlessly with stunning pigmentation.   The palette include 12 gorgeous shades 9 are mattes and 3 are lusters. They shades range from very light shadows perfect for a wash of color all over the lid, to midtone neutrals perfect for building deminsion, all the way to rich darks for defined definition.  And let’s not forget the beautiful luster that provide the perfect amount shimmer and sparkle without being over bearing. 


Basically, you need this palette in your life… If you can find it- buy it!  You won’t be disappointed. Matter of fact, you’ll thank me! 

You’re welcome! 

 tartelette in bloom 

All About the Basics

  If you took a peek into my closet you would see that I’m a lover of basics. They’re versitial, classic and nessassary in everyone’s wardrobe!  

Honestly, if you looked into my closet you probably wouldn’t be that impressed. There are a lot of plain colored tshirts, blouses, dresses, about 25 pairs of jeans, and a ton of Blazers, kimonos and vests.  I live by the rules of building a wardrobe around basics. That’s why you’ll see a ton of basics to pair with my trendier items like kimonos and vests, but also those classic pieces like Blazers. 

When I saw this dress from Ollie Marie Boutique, I knew I had to have it!  It has so much potential.  It can be worn so many ways.  With kit leggings, leather leggings, it can be worn with opaque tights, vests, jackets… I mean I could keep going but I’ll spare you. You get the idea, right?! It’s just one of those dresses you know you’ll get you money’s worth out of! 

Today, I paired it with this beautiful faux fur vest I picked up at Burlington, threw on my favorite wide calf boots from Lane Bryant, just like that I had a cute stylish outfit in about two minutes flat.  

Melissa McCarthy Launches her Seven Collection for HSN

Melissa McCarthy Plus size clothing

Melissa McCarthy Launches her Seven Collection for HSN 

Yesterday was a big day for HSN, Seven Brand and Melissa McCarthy!  These three brands teamed up to create the Melissa McCarthy Seven Collection for HSN.  What’s great about this collection, is that they had every body type in mind when creating the line – I love that!  This collection features Missy as well as Plus Size!!!

Although, the pieces are a little on the pricey side, its price is warranted with the brand Seven behind it! They make high quality clothing that I, personally, don’t mind paying a little extra for.

Head over to HSN to check it out for yourself! Tell me what you think below or click the metallic social media icons to continue that convo on social media!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 1 - Nudes You Need

I’m a sucker for anything that MAKE UP FOR EVER comes out with. I love artistry brands because they are high quality and versatile. MAKE UP FOR EVER recently released two new palettes, MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need and MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 2- Artistic Colors You Crave. Of course, I had to pick one up! Honestly, I’ve had the MAKE UP FOR EVER artists shadows on my wish list for a while, but they are pricy. However, when I saw the price tag of $42 on the new MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need- I knew it was my time to try some for a very reasonable price.

See my thoughts on the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes You Need

The Products mentioned in this video:

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 1- Nudes: http://bit.ly/1dhTPTk
MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Volume 2- Artistic: http://bit.ly/1F03UuI

Charlotte Russe Plus: Beach Bodycon

I’m back from Punta Cana!  I miss the beautiful beach, crystal clear water and the sun! But I missed my girls terribly, so I’m glad to be back and refreshed.

Just before I left for vacation, I went to Charlotte Russe to check out their new plus size range, I have to say -I’m very impressed. I did a video haul last week of my purchases. The dress I wore on the first night in Punta Cana was my favorite, so I thought why not share it with you?!

I purchased a 3x in this dress and I would say, in my opinion it fits the way it’s designed to fit. I’m usually a 3x in tops and a 20/22 in bottoms or jeans.   Bodycon dresses are meant to be very form fitting and this dress was just that… form fitting, but still very comfortable. This color is gorgeous and the dress is made very well. You will see many more outfits from the new Charlotte Russe Plus Line!

Charlotte Russe Plus Bodycon Dress

Charlotte Russe Plus Review

Charlotte Russe Plus