Christians MAKE people believe in The Lord… WHAT?

Seek The Lord

I was watching the latest episode of the Shaytards on YouTube. The topic of the video was Shay’s brother Logan is going on a two-year mission trip. They were sharing some word of wisdom with him,  why he was going and what he was going to do there.


I saw this comment that a girl had written that said, “To be honest I don’t like people who bug me about Jesus. Everyone should believe what makes them happy as long as you leave other people alone. I’m happy for you that you found Jesus, but I believe other things, and I’m just as happy. So people who are on a mission to MAKE others believe isn’t right.”

Y’all… That MAKE didn’t sit right with me.

So I HAD to comment… I said, ” They don’t MAKE them believe. They tell them the TRUTH about The Lord, and they are able to make their OWN decision on what they believe. Just as you are.”

Is that what people really think about Christians? That it’s our mission to MAKE people believe in The Lord?

I have that power?  Because I try to MAKE my kids clean their room, and that’s doesn’t work.  So how can I MAKE someone believe in The Lord?

So confused…

That we are  brainwashing people?

Because if so, that’s sad.  That makes we want to cry.

I want you to know that, that’s not what we’re doing here.  I can’t MAKE anyone do anything.

I can’t make you go buy the Lorac PRO palette. However, I can tell you all the great things about it, get you interested in it, you decide to go ” check it out” for YOURSELF. You buy it, you use it, and you see how it changes your makeup, and YOU decide how you feel about it.


It’s the same thing  with The Lord.

I tell you about him, how The Lord has changed and worked in me and my life. You decide hey, if he’s doing these things for her, maybe he can do them for me. (You still with me?) You decide to start seeking The Lord, and he does start doing those things for you.  Your life is changed, and YOU decide you LOVE The Lord.

You see how that works?  I didn’t MAKE you do anything thing. All I did was tell you about something I LOVE, and why I love it. YOU decided to check it out for yourself. And guess what? You decide you love it too.

You see… That’s all Christians are doing.  Telling you about how he has worked in our lives, in hopes that you will seek him too.  Because he is GOOD, and he loves you, just like he loves me.

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  1. I’ve never heard it explained any better than that! 🙂


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