DIY Metallic Striped Lucite Tray

DIY Lucite Tray

I’ve had my eye on these fancy Lucite trays for a while now, but they are so expensive.  I mean,  I can’t justify spending $80-$200 on  an acrylic tray. However, while I was browsing the isles of Hobby Lobby, I stumbled upon these clear acrylic frames. A light bulb went off  in my head and I thought, ” I can make a DIY Lucite Tray”.

The frame was originally $6.99. However, I had a 40% off coupon. After the coupon I payed around $4 for the frame. I continued to browse the isles, This gold metallic striping tape caught my eye.  At first, I wanted to make a monogrammed tray, but I couldn’t find the perfect font for the letter to create the monogram. When I saw the metallic striped tape,  I knew that I wanted to create a design with it, but I had no clue what I was going to design.

On the way home, I started brainstorming ideas on the design. I still couldn’t think about what I wanted to do, so I  sat down and just started playing with different angles, stripes, and shapes.  And I came up with the geometrically angled design that I love.  Let me show you how I created this design.



Acrylic Picture Frame

Art tape


Acrylic Picture Frame


First, take your frame out of the plastic, then wipe down with a lint free cloth and rubbing alcohol. This will make sure your frame is clean and free of any dust particles that might prevent your tape from sticking to the frame. If you are creating this same design, you will start by placing your art tape about an inch and a half from the center of the frame.
DIY acrylic Tray



Placing your stripes about a half inch apart, continue to place the strips diagonally until you reach the corner of the frame.
Metallic Striping tape Lucite Tray

Next, you will have to cut your next strip into a point to place in the corner of your frame.Metallic Stping tape DIY

Starting at the opposite side of the frame, place the point in the corner of the frame, and connect it to the other tape.  Repeat the same on both corners until you’re done.Metallic Striped Lucite tray


Lucite Gold Metallic tray

How amazing is this DIY? I love it!

Lucite Trays are a great organization piece for storing office supplies, jewelry, sunglasses or anything else that needs a place. It’s so simple, yet it adds a decorative aspect to storage. Not to mention I feel better spending less than $10 on a tray!

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