5 Chores for a 8-9 year old

I believe doing chore is essential to your child’s growth. It teaches responsibility and work ethic at a young age. As a child, I had chores. I believe,  It instilled some of the values I have today as an adult. Now that I’m a mom, I have passed these teachings down to my children. My girls each have a […]

Time Out Tuesdsay

Hey everyone! I know I promised a Time Out Tuesday weekly, but things have changed a bit. Let me paint the picture for you. This is going to be one of those foot to mouth posts. Of course, Time  Out Tuesday is coming back, but it’s going to be a few weeks. I know it’s […]

Back to School Teacher Gifts

Back to School Teacher Gifts   So… I’m kiddos went back to school today. I know… It’s early, right?!  I put together these  Back to School Teacher Gifts that were under $7 each! Our children’s teachers spend a lot if time with them throughout the year and I wanted to send them something to reward and encourage them for […]

How to study The Bible as a busy mom

How to study The Bible as a busy mom Studying the bible has always been a challenge of mine. Honestly, it’s kind of hard to read, right? I mean all of these Hebrew words aren’t easy to read let alone pronounce, so I find myself fixating in “the words” and not The Word. Can I get […]

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