Fall Beauty Essentials: Body Care

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Believe it or not colder temperatures are upon us. With colder weather come changes to my beauty routine. Today we are talking all about my favorite Fall Beauty Essentials from Meijer.

During the summer in not one who pays much attention to my body care routine. I’m constantly applying and re applying sunscreen so my skin stays in pretty good health. However, winter is a totally different story. The second the temperature starts to drop, my skin starts to get dry and dehydrated.

When my skin gets dry it really affects the skin on my legs the most. Because the skin is so dry on my legs, when I shave, the hair can’t properly regrow. Typically as your leg hair starts to regrow, it would penetrate the skin a grow like normal. Well… for me it doesn’t. The hair starts to grow under the surface of the skin, causing ingrown hairs. This is all because my skin is so dry.

Well, that was until I found a shaving routine that works for me, using products that can be found at your local Meijer stores.

It’s all about a routine

I’ve said it time and time again. Just like skincare you’re not going to magically change your skin with one product. It’s take a few great products, consistently, and patience to turn your skin around- including the skin on your body.

One of my Fall Beauty Essentials is a good razor. Because I struggle with ingrown hairs. I need a good 5 blade razor that provides a close shave. This Gillette Venus Comfort Glide with Olay not only allows me to get a close shave, but it the Olay moisture bars provide added moisture leaving my skin more hydrated.

With any great razor, you need a great shave cream. I found Cremo shave cream awhile ago. This shave cream is like no other shave cream I’ve used. Cremo give your the closest shave and dramatically reduces nicks and razor irritation. And did I mention is incredibly hydrating? Oh, and it’s a 90 day supply because it a highly concentrated formula!

Lastly, I rely on a highly body wash to provide moisture, because I don’t alway have time to apply body lotion and I don’t really like how lotion feels on my skin. The Olay Outlast Purifying Birch Water and Lavender has a great scent and leaves my skin feeling clean without dying it out.

Alright, y’all! There you have it! I have shared some of my Fall Beauty Essentials with you! My friends at Meijer often run deals on health and beauty products. Download the mPerks app and keep an eye out for the latest deals. Also, share your favorite Fall Beauty Essentials below!

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