Fat girl fail


Yes… I said, Fat girl fail. I know I know, there is  something that people don’t like about the word “fat.” Well, honey I’m 273lbs I’m pretty sure I’m fat! If you carried all of this about all day, you would be sure of it too. I’m just sayin!

Anyway, I had a fat girl fail tonight. I have been eating really well, and drinking a Ton of water at least 64oz a day! I have actually dropped about 13 lbs in about two and a half weeks. Tonight I was too lazy to get my ass up and go to the store to find something for dinner. I’m so pissed at myself, I have done soooo goood.  I ordered pizza, and ate two pieces! BOOOOOO. Throw the tomatoes now!!

Ladies, I have recently learned something about myself. I WILL NOT let this affect me. I will start fresh tomorrow. I will eat the what I know I should be eating, I will get off of my ass and go to the grocery store, and get healthy choices in this house, so I can’t just say, “let’s order out!” I promise. I promise you all.


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  1. Awww you can’t beat yourself up for a treat every now and then. Just get back on schedule for the next day or meal. Congrats on losing the 13 – it didn’t take overnight to gain the weight, and, darn it, it won’t come off overnight either. Be the winner of this very long race by being the turtle, not the hare….

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