DIY Metallic Striped Lucite Tray

I’ve had my eye on these fancy Lucite trays for a while now, but they are so expensive.  I mean,  I can’t justify spending $80-$200 on  an acrylic tray. However, while I was browsing the isles of Hobby Lobby, I stumbled upon these clear acrylic frames. A light bulb went off  in my head and I thought, […]

How to Refresh your Bedroom Decor

  I don’t know about you, but I get tired of looking at the same old room decor. My husband and I are constantly making changes to our home decor because we get bored easily. Night after night I crawl into the bed thinking it’s time for a room refresh. I love to keep my room bright, happy […]

31 Days of Cheer: Our Christmas Mantle Decor

Christmas Mantle Decor Yay! Day 2 of 31 Days of Cheer! Y’all I’m SO excited to share this post with you. This is our first Christmas in our new house. So I was super excited to decorate this year. ( I started about a week earlier than I normally do, but I was excited. Sorry.)  This […]

A new home a new rug: RugsUSA

  With moving into a new home comes the need (or want) for new decor. Right?. I thought so. We all know that moving can be very costly. With the moving costs, new decor, and not to mention all the little things you find along the way to buy. I knew I wanted a new […]

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