How to shop at IKEA as a Newbie

The anticipation has been building for years, whether IKEA was going to make its way to Indiana.  When I found out that the city of Fishers was getting an IKEA I was elated!  However, I’m a newbie to IKEA, but I learned so much about How to Shop at IKEA as a Newbie when I went to the recent press, and I want to share 3 keys to shopping at IKEA as a Newbie Family!

1. IKEA loves Families


So moms and dads listen up!  They love us so much that they don’t want us to have to walk 12 miles to our car with a blue bag stuffed to the brim with goodies, while also lugging a 45 lb child that’s fallen asleep in IKEA.  Family parking spaces are reserved near the front entrance for expectant mothers and families at most IKEA locations.  So nice, right?!

Did you know they offer childcare? Right,  my mind was blown!  Smaland the magic forest of play and fun. Is where you can drop your children off for a more peaceful, seamless shopping trip. However, there are some requirements.  Your child must be potty trained, meet posted height requirements, you MUST stay in IKEA  while your child is in Smaland and there is a time limit.  Those are just a few key requirements.  They will share more upon drop off.

2. Join the IKEA Family Loyalty Program

How does FREE coffee sound? What about an extra 30 minutes of kid-free shopping time?  Oh, what about 90 price protection?  Well, these are all perks to being an IKEA family member- did I mention it’s FREE!!


Here is a list of my favorite  IKEA Family perks!

  • IKEA FAMILY Members get free coffee or hot tea every time they visit. Simply show your IKEA FAMILY card to the cashier in the IKEA Restaurant.
  • IKEA FAMILY members receive an extra 30 minutes in SMÅLAND, our supervised children’s play area (capacity-depending).
  • If a product which you purchased using your IKEA FAMILY card goes on sale at a lower price anytime within 90 days after your purchase, simply bring in your receipt, and we’ll refund you the difference.
  • Every month, we randomly select one lucky IKEA FAMILY member from each store, who wins a $100 IKEA Gift Card. Just swipe your card whenever you make a purchase, or simply check-in by scanning your card at one of the in-store IKEA FAMILY kiosks, and you’re entered for a chance to win!

These are just a few of the benefits when it comes to being an IKEA Family member.To start taking advantage of all the fantastic benefits, sign up today, online or in store!

3. Explore the Showrooms


For me, this was my biggest takeaway because home design doesn’t come easily to me.  I very visual, so taking a stroll through the rooms they have set up was giving me a lot of inspiration and ignited creativity for elements I wouldn’t think to put together.  In the Indy locations, they have 50 rooms to drawl inspo from.

Another cool element is they have rooms set up by square footage so you can visually see how your room would look while taking in how it feels, too!

Going back to how IKEA loves family, they are aware that not every family and/ or person has the same budget.  In the kitchen section of the building. There was what they call “Kitchens for many” which was a full on mock kitchen set up in $3,000, $12,000 and $18,000 price range!  I loved this idea!

Also, a quick pointer, if you stay on what IKEA calls the “natural paths” you won’t get lost.  Because there are arrows projected from the ceiling to keep you on track.  Be sure to find the big blue directional signs to find “shortcuts” for a quick shopping trip.


Well… What do you think?  Are you feeling less anxious and more prepared for your IKEA shopping trip?  I hope these tips were helpful and I you feel more confident about How to Shop at IKEA! If you’re in the Indy area don’t forget to head to the new IKEA in Fishers, IN! It’s a beautiful one story, 289,000 square foot playground for the family.

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