HOW TO DOCUMENT YOUR CHILDREN’S LIVES I have to admit. I’ve been lax when it comes to documenting my kids lives. Well… That’s kind of not completely the truth. I have a TON of pictures of Breanna when she was little, but I dropped the ball when it came to Abigail. Honestly, I think most second […]

10 Non- Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Oh, Easter! Why must you evolve ridiculous amounts of candy to get kids obsessed  about when their next piece of candy is coming? Oh,  and not to mention, you  jack up on candy they can’t sit still for a second! I try to keep my kids away from as much sugar as possible.  For many […]

Back to School Fashion from The Children’s Place {Giveaway}

Wow! This summer went by so quickly. It seemes like my girls got out of school a month ago. I remember when I was a little girl it seemed like summer break lasted SO long, These days it seems like the years just fly by. Today, we are talking Back To School Fashion from The […]

Back to School fashion for girls: Colored Skinnies

It’s so hard to believe that summer is over. Although it’s bittersweet, I’m so glad it’s that time!  It’s time to have crazy hectic morning, homework and lots of fun! Let’s talk girls fashion. I LOVE dressing Breanna & Abigail in the cutest fashions. Although, they are six (almost seven) and four, I think it’s important to show […]

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