How To Highlight and Contour a Plus Size Face

I’ve been asked to do a tutorial on How To Highlight and Contour a Plus Size Face so many times.  Learning how to contour your face will change the game for you. It’s will make you face seem slimmer and make all of those insecurities disappear. Over the years I’ve experimented with many different methods […]

Wet N Wild The Naked Truth Palette Tutorial

SO Wet N Wild came out with four new palettes this year one being, The Naked Truth Palette. I was so excited to see that they not only added a five color pan, but they came out with another neutral palette. Oh, and I forgot to mention they’re very affordable! If you haven’t tried any […]

{How to} Eyebrow Grooming for a Beginner

Hey you guys! Today I am featuring {How to} Eyebrow Grooming for a Beginner.  Eyebrows are a key player in your look.  People say, eyebrows are the “frame” of the face.  I will say, I agree. Those two little caterpillars can make or break your look. Are you thinking, “Where do I start?” Well… I’ve filmed […]

A Simple Navy Eye Tutorial

   A Simple Navy Eye Tutorial I’m a loving navy blue everything!  I don’t know what it is.   It’s just a shade of  blue, which I don’t even particularly care for anything blue.  I just love the simplicity of navy. It’s truly a color that can go with any color.   And I’m kinda over black! I have […]

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