My new Obsession│Starbucks Matcha Powder!

MatchaAs some of you might know I have been on a health journey. I’m not calling it a diet, I really am just trying to retrain my brain in the way I perceive food. I want to use food how it is meant to be used, and not use it for comfort, celebration, or all those things we have come to use food as. I’m really just getting back to basics with food.

So, my neighbor introduced me to this little gem! It’s a my new favorite Starbucks drink. I’m sure many of you know that there are many drink at Starbucks that we have no clue about. They have like some kind of secret drink club, and apparently I’m not a member, ok? No, it’s not really a “club”, but they really do have a secret drink menu. Google it, girl!

Anyway, enough babbling Tawny! This drink is just a Trenta water (Starbucks largest drink size), and matcha powder. Y’all  at my it’s $.82 at my Starbucks! Yes, girl $.82! So basically, matcha powder is like drinking a SUPER dose of green tea. Matcha powder is a high quality of green tea, it’s said to boost metabolism, burn calories, aid in concentration, enhancing your mood, and much more. (Purchase  matcha here). Drinking this drink is like drinking 10 glasses of green tea!

So, if you want to try this little gem of amazingness! Head over to Starbucks and ask for a Trenta water with 3 or 4 scoops of Matcha Powder! You might want to start with 2 or 3, 4 scoops is a little strong for my liking. I also put 3 or 4 Splenda!

If you try it let me know how you like it!


Update:  I understand that Starbucks has raised the price on this drink… which is stinks. I’m very sorry.  I’m also aware that this drink isn’t the healthiest option, but I will say it’s a better option and a baby step to maybe giving up something else.





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  1. Hi i tried this and loved it but all the Starbucks i have been to dont know how to charge me for it. So i was wondering if there is anything you know to help me out with that?!?

    • Hey girl! I don’t know how they charge for it. I have had a few people not charge me at all because they didn’t know how to charge for it, but it’s normally $. 82. I’m glad you like it.

  2. I love this drink sooo much!! My starbucks at target never bothers to charge me unless I get more than two scoops and even after than its only about $0.75 for 4 scoops. I just wanted to give a heads up about the ingredients. Yeah it may seem like a super healthy drink, but starbucks matcha powder isn’t just pure green tea. There is sugar, flavoring, and a preservative in that green mixture. Just a little fiy!

  3. It’s delicious. But be careful, as a former barista for Starbucks I know that the matcha they use is loaded with added sugar!

  4. Hey Ladies….

    Don’t forget you can purchase Matcha Powder on Amazon, organic stores, etc, yes .82cents is really cheap, but from home could be more convenient. Just thought I’d help!!

  5. Got one of these today and was charge $0.86 but the girls said some Starbucks will charge just depending on how thing ring it up. It is so yummy! Reminds me of green tea ice cream. My favorite! I actually need to purchase some matcha powder because I will be trying out a new matcha green tea cheesecake.

  6. Well the first ingredient in Starbucks matcha powder is sugar, so good luck with the healthy factor there.

    • I’d say the benefits out weight the 5 grams of sugar per scoop. It’s still way better than drinking a Coke.