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If you’re anything like me you’re always looking for fun, fresh, and most importantly trendy plus size fashion! I have been a customer of for many years, but I didn’t buy from them very often because their shipping was $8.95! I knew I was getting a great deal on the merchandise but when it came time to check out I felt like I wasn’t getting that great of a deal because the shipping was SO high!

Well, they lowered their shipping to $5.95!! Holla!! And if you make a purchase you get FREE shipping for the rest of the day! If you’re not familiar with its a daily deal site for moms, babies, and kids! They have the most azamimg deals check this plus size Chevron dress I scored for $16.99 the other day! Plus Size Chevron Dress

I know, cute right?

They have some really cute dresses on there today, as well.




Check these chevron accessories out! LOVE!!

PickiNicki_Blackpurse_1365300439 PickiNicki_GreyAquapurse_1365300440 ZAD_E4730_BLUE_1362798637 ZAD_N4743_BLUE_1362798640

OMG and the kids stuff… so cute & cheap!

48272_JellyBelly_HP_2013_0408_NGG_1365359079 47327_Stella_HP_2013_0408_NCK_1365117763

42670_dooballo_HP_2013_0331_AJL_1363129503The sandals start @7. 99 and the Toms inspired shoes are $11.99

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope you head over to to see what deals you can score!


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