Printable Black Friday Shopping List

OK! Let me just say, Can you believe Thanksgiving is in 4 days… It’s crazy to me. Many of you will be heading out with thankful hearts and full bellies to kick off your Christmas Shopping, in hope to score some great Black Friday deals. I, however, have to work. So, since I won’t  be […]

How to Double Your Blog’s Traffic using Pinterest

Hey everyone! Over the last couple of months I’d become really discouraged with my blog traffic.  I know it’s not all about the numbers, but this blog is my bread and butter… It’s my job. If the numbers aren’t there, then the money isn’t either. I know a lot of bloggers are in the same boat and I want to […]

Cool Lunchbox Notes for Boys

Today has been a great day! I’m feeling really creative and inspired to share something I normally don’t share. Well, because, I don’t have any boys in my house. But ALL of my friends do. So, with a few boys in mind, I’m sharing some Cool Lunchbox Notes for Boys. This is a really fun way […]

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