How to study The Bible as a busy mom

How busy moms study The Bible

How to study The Bible as a busy mom

Studying the bible has always been a challenge of mine. Honestly, it’s kind of hard to read, right? I mean all of these Hebrew words aren’t easy to read let alone pronounce, so I find myself fixating in “the words” and not The Word.

Can I get an Amen? I’m just sayin

Well, that was all true until I found The Busy Mom Bible.

GOT A MINUTE? ONLY A MINUTE? This Bible is designed just for you. Throughout this Bible, you will find 52 one-minute Thought Starters that let you dip into God’s Word for a minute of refreshment. To go deeper, each of these Thought Starters is followed by an option for a five-minute Reflect and Pray or a ten-minute Study to help you learn even more about what God’s Word has to say to you today. Devotional thoughts are written specifically for you, the busy mom, and cover topics such as raising kids, marriage, emotions, and your identity in Christ.

The busy mom bible is broken down into 52 Thought Starters. These thought starters allow you to dive into 13 general topics.

I love this bible! It touches on topics that relate to the struggles I face daily as moms. For instance, one the really sticks out to me is the Your Relationships thought starter. It further reaches into Influence & Encouragement. It talks about how not everyone has had the benefit of being raised in a christian home and it talk about how The Lord calls on people to bring people to him. I LOVE THIS because I know this is one of the ways he’s working through me.

Honestly, I don’t read my bible everyday, but I try to worship somehow every day. And this bible makes it so easy to sit down for a minute or five minutes write your thoughts, fears, and your struggles and pray… Just pray! 

What are some of your favorite ways to study The Bible?