How to make a DIY Rosette Cake

How to make a Rosette Cake  tutorial

Yesterday was my oldest daughters ninth birthday. Of course, we needed a cake. Last year, Breanna decided she wanted me to make her a cake and apparently it’s become a new tradition. Rosette Cakes are a big deal on pinterest and I love the way they look.  So, I got my craft on and made a Rosette Cake for Breanna’s birthday. Naturally, I took some pictures of the process because that’s what I do. And today I’m going to show you How to make a DIY Rosette Cake.

I started off by making a two box cakes in a 9 inch pan. You can make these whatever size you want, just be sure to follow the directions on the box. After letting your cakes cool, take them out of the pan and set them on a cooling rack to let them cool completely.

Camo Cake

After letting them cool.  You will want to give your cake a crumb coat to fill in the cracks and to lightly ice the top to insure you won’t see the cracks through the rosettes.

How to ice a cake

How to dirty ice a cake

Next, you are going to start icing your cake. You will need a piping bag and a Walton 2D tip.  Starting at the bottom of your cake, squeeze a dot of icing to create the center. Then  in a counter-clockwise motion around the center of the rosette. Do this same motion around the entire cake to create a beautiful simple rosette cake.

I topped my cake with fresh flowers, but you can continue this process until you reach the top of your cake.

How to ice a pink rosette cake



Rosette Cake


I hope you enjoyed this post. I have created a pinnable image to save the post for later.



Rosette Cake