Lorac CC Cream

 Lorac CC Cream So I’m sure you have heard of BB creams. Well BB creams are great and all, but have you heard of a CC cream? I’m sure you’re thinking, are we doing down the alphabet? Yes, because I have heard of a DD cream.  Before we end up going through the alphabet let’s talk […]

My weight gain story

Hey y’all this is not going to be a normal happy post talking about the latest and greatest product I have tried, and I’m loving. Today I’m getting real. Most of you don’t know that I haven’t been heavy all my life. My weight issues first started in high school. I had a boyfriend that I thought I “loved” […]

Holiday Gift Ideas under $40 form Tarte Cosmetics!

    Go get your hands on this AMAZING Holiday Collection. Tarte has created a wide variety for products for everyone’s budget. You will feel confident knowing that your special lady will be putting the best all natural products you can find on her skin.  Make sure you take a look at Tarte’s Swatching Station or […]

Hip Peas Hair Care

As a mom of two girls, you can only imagine the hair styles I can come up with. And not to mention the products I go through in a year! I’m totally the mom that does my girls’ hair every day. We recently experienced lice for the second time in our lives. So you can only […]

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