Ahhh… It’s officially Fall!

Ahhh… It’s officially Fall! I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season yesterday! It was oh so delicious, daaarlin! You should be jealous, I’m just saying! Today, it’s a gloomy rainy cool day, the kind of night when you take a HOT shower, put your pj’s on, and watch My Babysitter’s a Vampire […]

Rollerskates & Cupcakes

        We celebrated my oldest daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago, (I know I’m late) we had the best time. This was the first year she had a “friends” party. Usually we just do dinner, cake, and ice cream for the kids, but this year was extra special for Breanna she is […]

First Day of school: My 1st grade girl

Ah,  The first day of school. Don’t you wish this was the reaction you got everyday when you told your kids it’s time for school? Well, don’t get used to it! Breanna started first grade of Friday, she was super excited. I don’t think she slept at all Thursday night, because when she came home Friday she […]

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