All About the Basics

           If you took a peek into my closet you would see that I’m a lover of basics. They’re versitial, classic and nessassary in everyone’s wardrobe!   Honestly, if you looked into my closet you probably wouldn’t be that impressed. There are a lot of plain colored tshirts, blouses, dresses, about 25 pairs of […]

Fat girl fail

Yes… I said, Fat girl fail. I know I know, there is ┬ásomething that people don’t like about the word “fat.” Well, honey I’m 273lbs I’m pretty sure I’m fat! If you carried all of this about all day, you would be sure of it too. I’m just sayin! Anyway, I had a fat girl […]

Fashion Friday

I’m starting a new series called “Fashion Friday.” I will be showcasing an outfit or 2 or maybe all of the outfits I wore that week on Friday! Now, I can assure you I will not always look Glamorous, as much as I would like to get “ready” every day, it’s just not in the […]

Hilary Phelps necklace mystery solved!

Wondering where Hilary Phelps snagged that amazing necklace? Well wonder no more I have the details on where to purchase one for yourself!┬áLadies, the mystery has been solved. I found where you can snag Hilary Phelps’ necklace. While Micheal Phelps was swimming Olympic history, every lady in the world was wondering how to get their […]

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