{DIY} Statement Necklace under $8

Statement Necklaces are one of this years hottest trends. Sometime they can be a little pricey, so I’m going to show how I made my DIY Statement Necklace under $8! Here is a list of what you will need to make your DIY Statement Necklace: Glue Sticks  Ribbon or Necklace of choice  Marker Hard Felt Spare […]

Hilary Phelps necklace mystery solved!

Wondering where Hilary Phelps snagged that amazing necklace? Well wonder no more I have the details on where to purchase one for yourself! Ladies, the mystery has been solved. I found where you can snag Hilary Phelps’ necklace. While Micheal Phelps was swimming Olympic history, every lady in the world was wondering how to get their […]

Shoplately.com Necklaces under $20

Statement necklaces under $20??? I know I have talked about Shoplately.com before on my blog. I LOVE this site because they offer great jewelry pieces for great prices, and the quality is unbelievable! Whether your a jewelry fanatic (like me) or if you just like casual pieces for everyday wear they have something for you! There prices are unbeatable, and all the statement peices in this […]

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