Lorac CC Cream


 Lorac CC Cream

So I’m sure you have heard of BB creams. Well BB creams are great and all, but have you heard of a CC cream? I’m sure you’re thinking, are we doing down the alphabet? Yes, because I have heard of a DD cream.  Before we end up going through the alphabet let’s talk about Lorac CC Cream.

What is a CC Cream?

The CC in CC creams stands for color correcting.  If you have redness and imperfections this will be great for you.  It’s natural looking and dries semi-matte.

What does CC Cream do?

What I love most about CC creams is that they are a multi-purpose product. This cc cream  neutralizes, primes, moisturizes, brighten smooth skin, and make your skin look healthy and youthful. As a mom a anything  that can cut down on time, as well as products used it like heaven on earth.

Who can use/ benefit from a CC Cream?

Absolutely everyone! The Lorac CC Cream in particular is one of the ONLY cc creams formulated for sensitive skin.  It’s oil, silicone, paraben and fragrance free.

lorac colors


What is my final thought on this product?

As I stated above any multi- purpose product that will cut down on time and use of multiple products is genius to me. I do find that this product is very bendable and easily absorbed into the skin.  I will say when applying you have to work in small areas, because the CC cream does dry pretty quickly. The products dries to a  semi-matte finish. I received my shade in CC3 which is the darkest of the shades; it is a little light, but I find that the color being light doesn’t seem to be a problem once I have foundation on. Overall I like this product, I don’t Love it. The formula is great, the products does what it’s formulated to do. It is definitely colored corrects.  It’s very cooling and refreshing to the skin. It seems to be a good base of foundation. It doesn’t oxidize, crease or slip off the skin.

 Any Suggestions?

My biggest peeve is that a lot of companies don’t cater to dark to deep kin tones. Us brown girls need products love, too! With that being said, I would LOVE it if it was a closer color to my skin tone. If I could give any suggestion it would be to add a wider range of color. Other than that it’s an overall great product.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to hear what I have to say, it means a lot!

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Makeup Monday

Review & Demo│ Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

So it’s no secret that I love makeup, but there is actually more to the story. I’m obsessed with mascara. Yes, obsessed. If there is a new mascara I am one of the first people to get my hands on it. If I LOVE it I will tell everyone I know that they need to try it. Well, ladies, I have found a new LOVE and It’s the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara. Not only did I do a review of the amazing drugstore gem, but I also filmed a demo of how to apply it. See the video below!



Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara


Texture & Pigmentation  Thinking of a “fiber” mascara, usually I think of visable fibers that you can see in the mascara.  This mascara isn’t like this at all. It’ never clumps, and stays flexible all day. The mascara comes in two different colors  Black & Extreme Black. The pigmentation in this product is AMAZING. I have the extreme black and my lashes are super black when I wear this mascara. I don’t find this mascara to be either a wet or dry formulation. It’s been a perfect formulation of both in my opinion.

Staying Power  Let’s just say this mascara has great staying power. It will last all day with flaking at all.  Oh and don’t forget the Grow-Lash Complex of Procapil®, Keratin and Antioxidants, lashes are conditioned day after day. After 30 days, lashes appear longer, stronger and more numerous!

RimmelLash Accelerator



 What I’m wearing

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HBL Volumizing System Review & Giveaway

Volumizing System

Are you a Real Housewife Fan like me? Well, if you are then, I’m sure you know who Gretchen Rossi is, and I’m sure you are in LOVE with her gorgeous hair. Well, I bet you didn’t know that is uses the HBL Volumizing System. In fact she is the face of HBL Haircare. I LOVE Gretchen’s hair, and I was super excited when I got the opportunity to review the HBL Volumizing System.

Like most women, I’m always searching for a great hair care products. With all of the coloring, straightening, and teasing I do to my hair, It’s pretty healthy, and I have to thank HBL  the Volumizing System for that! I was sent three AMAZING products I’m going to introduce. HBL Revoew The HBL Volumizing Shampoo, has been the most AMAZING shampoo I have used in a LONG time.  I normally only wash my hair twice a week. I know some of you are saying GROSS, but I honestly,  I can’t wash it anymore them that or it gets greasy, and really weighted down. I did notice with the HBL shampoo it was gentle enough that if I did wash my hair more often I didn’t have that problem. This shampoo has jojoba oil in it which moisturizes, ans improves elasticity, while the keratin naturally repair, and naturally strengthens the hair. I also, could definitely notice the difference in volume too! HBL review I also received the HBL Volumizing Conditioner, which has a ph of 4.5-5.5. It creates smooth, fuller, and more manageable hair! I could tell a HUGE difference in how smooth and silky my hair was after the first use. I have really frizzy hair so I was really impressed by how this conditioner preformed. Vitamins A, B and E act as a natural anti-oxidant, while the Panthenal thickens, moisturizes the hair shaft, and the silk proteins seal and smoothes the cuticle creating a  more volumized, thicker fuller hair.

HBL hair masque

Oh, honey I saved the best for last! I am in LOVE with this HBL Hair masque for many reasons. But, I will save you from the rambling about obsessive  love, I have for HBL Hair masque. Now, when I tell you I have tangled hair, I mean it’s a mess. I can literally put a quarter sized amount of the HBL Hair masque on the ends of my hair where it gets tangled. And within five minutes I can run my finger through my hair like BUTTER!! It’s GENIUS!! I can use it every day, without weighing my hair down. It smoothes, condition, and protects without leaving my hair feeling greasy. Here’s the best part this stuff lasts forever. I have been using the same jar since May, and I still have about a quarter of the jar left.

Ladies, this is the best part HBL has offered to give one  lucky Glamorously Mommy reader a HBL Volumizing System with a retail value of $62.90!!! All you have to do is FOLLOW GlamorouslyMommy.com.This giveaway will be open for two weeks, and is open to the US only. Here is how to enter:

You should definitely think about giving  the HBL  Volumizing System a try you will not be dissapointed!


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2012 Holiday Gift Guide



Wait… Shhhhh… Do you hear it? What’s that sound? That’s the sound of the  holiday season is right around the corner.  People there are only 124 shopping day’s until Chirstmas!! I’m pleased to announce I will be hosting a 2012 Holiday Gift Guide!!!

Interested in getting your product in front of thousands? Between GlamorouslyMommy.com, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media out there I connect with thousands of potential customers a day.

Glamorously is currently taking submissions for the  2012 Holiday Gift Guide perfect for everyone on your list – parents, co-workers, kids, teachers and more! If you are a business, company, PR representative, or independent consultant and you would like to have your product(s), please email  Tcriscillies@gmail.com! Please use the subject line “Holiday Gift Guide Submission” and include your company name and product you want featured in your pitch!

Product reviews and  giveaways included in the guide will begin being published November 1, 2012, and will continue until December 20, 2012. The earlier your products are received, the more promotion they will receive! Products included in our Holiday Gift Guide  must be received by December 17, 2012 so we have plenty of time to write a rockin review!

Also, Glamoroulsy Mommy will be featuring a Stock up & Save guide for all of the after Chirstmas Sales. If you are a company wanting a sponsored post featuring a Stock up & Save featured deal, I will be offering a $10 sponsored post, or if you would like a product featured I will be hosting Stock up & Save video series too! Ask for more details.

Want to be featured in the gift guide without submitting a product for review? That’s fine,  we are accepting sponsored posts in addition to review posts! I also offer monthly advertising for as low as $10 a month! Just ask for more info on this!

Readers be sure to check back November 1st to see what awesome gifts made the list!!

Safety Tat Review/Giveaway ends 6-29

Summer months are a time for most families to take a vacation, whether it’s a small camping trip or a big vacation to Disney. Safety is always a concern when you travel with children. There is always that what if, god forbid your child gets separated from you in a big crowd, what would you do? I know as a parent I would never want to experience this. While surfing the internet I came across a company called SafetyTat.com. They make children’s temporary  safety” tattoo” with parent’s contact information so If your children happen to stay away from you, they can be found safe.

SafetyTat.com was started by a couple who planning a weekend trip to a local amusement park on Labor day weekend, she and he husband had three small children, and were clearly out numbered. They wrote their phone numbers on their kids arms, only to have to keep writing it all day long. And the idea was born for Safety Tat!

Here are the facts about Safety Tats

They are…

Waterproof/Sweat proof




They are composed out of a micro- thin elastomer with a medical grade adhesives, basically from what I have seen a totally rad bandage! It’s brightly colored and works on all skin tones!

Safety Tat offers a few different “kids” of tats which are

The Quick Stick Write on, which come with tattoo marking pen to hand write the parents phone number on the tattoo. The pen is completely waterproof!

The Original safety temporary safety ID tattoo preprinted with one line of customization. Choose your design, select a quantity, and add your phone number

And last but no least The QR tats, which can carry up to 90 characters of custom specified information. All instantly scannable  using a smart phone or a QR app!

All these tattoo’s are stretchable, easy to apply, can last up to two weeks on the skin, made with kid friendly colors, and have stylish designs for Boys, Girls, Tweens, School trips and much more!

These tattoo’s  retail starting  at $9.99!

Please go check SafteyTat.com and get 10% off a purchase of $15 use GlamorouslyMommy (this code is case sensitive) Good until July 5th.


To enter the Safety Tat giveaway for a 3 pack kit please enter below!

Here’s how you enter!