My PCOS weight gain and 70 lb weight loss story

  PCOS weight gain and weight loss story   Happy Monday!   It was brought to my attention that I didn’t give you all a full story on my  PCOS weight  gain and weight loss story and I was asked to dig a little deeper for you guys. Just a warning. This is going to be a […]

Turkey Pepper Scramble: Quick, easy, healthy lunch recipe!

Hi y’all! Ok, I may have an overuse of y’all problem.  Anyhoo, it’s chilly and rainy and dreary here. YAY for Indiana winters! I know when the weather is this yucky, I just need some good healthy comfort food for lunch. This Turkey Pepper Scramble is one of my go-to’s that is so easy and […]

My weight gain story

Hey y’all this is not going to be a normal happy post talking about the latest and greatest product I have tried, and I’m loving. Today I’m getting real. Most of you don’t know that I haven’t been heavy all my life. My weight issues first started in high school. I had a boyfriend that I thought I “loved” […]

Fat girl fail

Yes… I said, Fat girl fail. I know I know, there is  something that people don’t like about the word “fat.” Well, honey I’m 273lbs I’m pretty sure I’m fat! If you carried all of this about all day, you would be sure of it too. I’m just sayin! Anyway, I had a fat girl […]

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