Time out Tuesday: My Girl’s & FabKids Fashion


Well,  Hello everyone!

Today’s Time Out Tuesday is a little different from normal.  Today we are taking a time out to meet my kiddos.  Obviously, I’m a mom, and I thought I was important to include my children a bit more in my blog. Oh, and we’re going to talk a little FabKids fashion, too!

My oldest daughter is Breanna she is 8!  She is the most gentle, kind-hearted, caring little girl, and she has a love for The Lord that most adults strive to have.  I’m so thankful for that.  She loves to dance,  sing, she gets straight A’s, ( in fact she  has an A+ in math), and she loves to read.



This is Abigail my baby girl! She is 5. She’s a kindergartener this year. I just love this kids, she  has the most stunning eyes. Now, don’t let the cuteness fool you. She’s a sassy little thing.  Abigail is definitely my child. She’s not afraid to let someone know if they are doing something she doesn’t like.  She’s been known to stick up for her older sister. (Sounds like someone I know) She is determined, independent, and strong-willed.  On the other hand she is very sweet and gets her feelings hurt easily.



Like I said… Determined. She was determined to get those leaves as high as possible!


My girls are both little Fashionista’s like their mama! Breanna would be happy with pretty much anything as long as it matches. Abigail, however LOVES skirts!  The girl probably has at least 30 tutus.  She isn’t a fan of jeans at all, and she isn’t afraid to let me know, ok!

When I discovered Fab Kids, I instantly knew that was a great fit for my little Fashionistas.  Here’s how it works.

So simple, right?

  • Create a style profile
  • Each month you’ll find new outfits styled just for your kid. Every outfit includes 3 pieces for just $39.95. You can buy the outfit you love or skip the month altogether.
  • Your new FabKids outfit ships free and will arrive within a week!

I just love FabKids. It makes my life easier because I know they will be receiving quality, fashionable pieces every month, and I don’t have to hassle with taking them shopping.


You pickin up what I’m droppin?

What makes it even more Fab. When you sign up you get your first outfit for $20 off!!! Even if you just sign up, and get one 3 piece outfit for $20 that’s a steal!!!

Or an even better option is the wardrobes. Wardrobes are great because you get a collection of clothes at up to 50% off, and they all coordinate. The outfit possibilities are endless! The wardrobes run from $99.95 – $139.95 + you get the $20 off if it’s your first order!!!  These would be great for  The Holidays, Birthday’s, or Back to School!

To learn more about FabKids click here.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about my girls.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit. I hope you continue to come back.



*Clothes in this post were provided by FabKids for product consideration, as always all opinions are mine.


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