Time Out Tuesday: Have you prayed today?

Hey y’all! It’s Time Out Tuesday again. I saw this video on Facebook, and I immediately knew that this was going to be the topic for today.  I want to be transparent as possible with you and I knew this was something I needed to share.

Like a lot of Americans we struggle.  Although we don’t struggle with drugs or alcohol, we struggle financially. There have been many weeks when  my husband gets paid, and there isn’t enough to pay all the bills. But somehow they ALWAYS get payed.  It doesn’t make sense. The moneys not there, but I’m telling you it happened every time.

The Lord knows what we need even when we don’t speak it.  He’s always there for you even if you don’t believe or trust in him. If you’re struggling just speak to him… He’s always listening.

Seek Him today. Your life could be forever changed.

This man wasn’t a believer, and his life was changed by one prayer.

Have you prayed today?


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