Turkey Pepper Scramble: Quick, easy, healthy lunch recipe!

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Hi y’all!

Ok, I may have an overuse of y’all problem.  Anyhoo, it’s chilly and rainy and dreary here. YAY for Indiana winters! I know when the weather is this yucky, I just need some good healthy comfort food for lunch. This Turkey Pepper Scramble is one of my go-to’s that is so easy and simple and fits my diet plan! It’s filling and gives me left overs for the next day or two that are easy to heat up.

Quick healthy Lunch

Turkey Pepper Scramble


1 lb ground turkey

1 green pepper

1 yellow onion

1 tsp lite soy sauce

1/2 tsp minced garlic

1 cup brown rice


Ready for how easy and fast this is?

1. Heat skillet to medium with 1 tsp Extra virgin olive oil

2. Dice onion and green pepper into small pieces and add to heated skillet with garlic. Cook onion and pepper just until soft.


3.  Add package thawed ground turkey, mix with veggies and add soy sauce. I like to cook until I get a few crispy pieces. Because, well, who doesn’t like crispy?



4. Prepare brown rice according to package directions.


Seriously easy. Seriously healthy. Quick. Easy. Satisfying. All that stuff that can be hard to find when looking for something that won’t wreck your diet.  Oh, yeah, and this is 3 servings worth of food. Split it up your leftovers into lunch containers and you’re good for your next couple lunches during the week!

Another thing that I love with this one is I also use it with diced chicken. Mix up your color of peppers.  Make with quinoa instead of rice – or whatever suits your fancy. Just make sure that anything you substitute doesn’t decrease the nutritional value of your meal.




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