Fall Festivities

Hey y’all!

Ahhhh… It’s Fall!  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  I just wish it would stick around longer. My husband and I were just talking about this in the car the other day.  It seems like Fall is the shortest season… Or maybe I just love it so much I wish I would stay around longer.

Any who!

Saturday night we had a bonfire cookout at one of my best friend’s parents house.  Although my best friend wasn’t there, we still had a blast with her parent and her kiddos. We had hot dogs, corn on the cob, Mac n cheese, and s’ mores of course.

The kids had a blast playing in the pea gravel… And got a filthy mess! Sometime girls need to get a little dirty, it’s builds character.


After church on Sunday we packed the kids up and headed about 50 minutes north to a farm for some Fall Festivities!  We always go to the same pumpkin patch, but This year my husband decided we needed to try a new pumpkin patch.

Well… Let’s just say their “pumpkin patch” wasn’t really a pumpkin patch.

It was literally a few patches of pumpkin vines in between Christmas Trees.

Hey… It’s fine.  There’s always Kroger pumpkins 3 for $10!!!  Holla!!!

Hey pumpkins are expensive y’all! We “accidentally” payed $30 for a pumpkin a couple of year ago. Never again.


This new place was very kid friendly.  Meaning you walk out of the place broke because there is so much to do.  We had a great time.

Fall Festivities













What are your favorite Fall festivities?

Happy Fall y’all!

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  1. Little Miss Andee says:

    we have pumpkin patches that are like a fair…$200 later we actually get what we went for…the pumpkin.

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