How to Double Your Blog’s Traffic using Pinterest

How to grow your blog trafficHey everyone! Over the last couple of months I’d become really discouraged with my blog traffic.  I know it’s not all about the numbers, but this blog is my bread and butter… It’s my job. If the numbers aren’t there, then the money isn’t either. I know a lot of bloggers are in the same boat and I want to share How to Double Your Blog Traffic using Pinterest.

Social Media is the keys to getting traffic to your blog. Think of your blog as a queen bee and your social media outlets as the worker bees. Your blog is the hub for the content, but you need social media to drive traffic. For me, Pinterest is the biggest traffic source.

With a mission in mind, I started to look at where the bulk of my traffic was coming from… Pinterest! I knew that  Pinterest was my number one traffic source, but I didn’t know how to use it properly. I was pinning my images to MY boards and a few group boards with fairly low numbers.  I was getting a little traffic, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. I really started to focus on learning how Pinterest worked for me as a blogger.  And I began to see how much of a game changer this could be for my blog traffic.   I’ve  recently started to understand how pins go viral… GROUP BOARDS! If you don’t  listen to another thing I say in the post. Please hear me when I say, GROUP BOARDS are the key to getting your pins repinned over and over.

How to grown your blog numbers using Pinterest

I’ve seen a huge jump in my blog traffic as well as my Pinterest following just for joining group boards. My advice to you is join a few group boards that have a good following (10,000 followers or more)  and pin bright, crisp, quality images. Look on at your Pinterst and see what pins grab your attention and try to make your images look like those – without copying them.  I use a PicMonkey (I recommend the paid version, there are a lot more design options than the free version) and Pixlr to create my images.

Pinterest Checklist


Now, I will say – keeping track of the pins you’ve already pinned to which group boards can be a little overwhelming. So I created this Daily Pinterest worksheet to keep me organized. I also put some goals on there to help with the growth of my Pinterest. You are welcome to use this worksheet to help track your pins, growth, and what pins you want to pin for the day.

Printable Version

Now that you’ve seen how Pinterest has worked for me and my blog. I hope you take the steps to learn more about Pinterest and how great it can be for your blog.

Leave me comments below telling me how you’ve driven traffic to your blog.

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