So many people put their shorts away at the end of the summer, but this year I’m playing around with HOW TO TRANSITION SHORTS INTO FALL.

I love leopard anything, It’s like a neutral, it goes with anything. I fell in love with these leopard soft shorts from Wet Seal + and I knew I had to rock them this Fall. These shorts are not only cute, but they offer so much comfort being soft shorts.


I paired them with some opaque tights form Sonsee. Thew on a black Dolman 3/4 long-sleeved tee and my favorite booties from Lane Bryant last year! I’m so glad I didn’t put these shorts away because I LOVE this look for Fall.


How to transition plus size shorts into Fall

How to Transition Shorts into Fall

How to transition Summer clothes in to fall


How to style booties with shorts



Let me know what other Fall Transitions you would like to see!

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  1. I love pairing shorts with black tights too!! I am in love with your leopard shorts!

  2. I agree with Chelsea! Adding tights to most dresses, skirts and shorts make them so fall appropriate! Also, cute necklace!

  3. Lots of girls at my school wear tights under shorts and I love it! Fall fashion is totally my thing.

  4. Deidre Miller says:

    CHEETAH! Always a yes. And I am loving the shorts and tights trend.

  5. I’ve always loved wearing flat tights with shorts or a skirt in fall and winter. It’s such a classic look. Your shorts are way too cute!

  6. songbirdsandbuttons says:

    How cute are those shorts?! And such a great idea for tights!

  7. Cute!!! I love that look! I personally hate shorts because I hate wearing things that are tight or short so I stick to dresses and tights and leggings 🙂 Maxi dresses are my go to for fall!

  8. I love that look and the booties so cute!

  9. I think shorts like this definitely work from summer to autumn, but I really do hate denim shorts over tights in winter! These look lovely though. Fab look lovely!

    Katie <3

  10. I love tights and leggings! I can see myself wearing this! You look cute! <3

  11. Crystal Carder says:

    I love tights and shorts/skirts and boots…super cute!

  12. That’s a trend that I love too! I’m especially loving the patterned tights that are now available (that look like garter stockings, lace, etc.) to play things up even more. 🙂 Cute accessorizing with your outfit, looks great!

    ~ lauriel

  13. Mandi Kane says:

    This is a really fun post. I always get sad when it’s time to put my summer clothes away. However, since I didn’t get out a lot this summer, and I’m hella pale, I’ll definitely give my shorts some more time with some tights. Love, love, love.

  14. Cute, love your excited face! I love leggings, It’s how I get to wear my favorite dresses for that much longer.

  15. I think in Vegas we still have a little while before it starts actually getting cold.. so i’m keeping my shorts out for a while longer. 🙂 I do like bringing leggings in my bag though in case at night it gets cooler.

  16. Cute outfit. I love the layered look, and those boots are fantastic !

  17. the leopard print is great for fall! i’d love to get some shorts that i could wear this way!

  18. Those are some super cute shorts! I really love the booties too! I need those! 🙂

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