What to Pack for an All-Inclusive Beach Vacation

What to pack for a beach vacation

After months of research and planning your dream beach vacation, it’s time to pack.  Packing can be stressful for some if it’s your first time going on an all- inclusive vacation, and since baggage fees can be outrageously expensive, I’m going to share What to Pack for an All-Inclusive Beach Vacation.

What are my credentials you may ask? I just got back from my dream vacation from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. And friends… I may or may not have over packed just a bit, so I have some tips on what to take with you and what you can leave at home!


You’re going to the beach, in a tropical location, close to the Equator… yes, you’re going to burn!! Trust me, even if your brown like me… You WILL burn. I suggest if you’re a spray sunscreen person taking 3 of the biggest bottles you can find (For 2 people, families take 6) You will need to reapply every 2 hours because the sun is so concentrated.

Note:  Sunscreen is expensive at the resort. I’m talking anywhere between $25 – $40 for a small bottle. Don’t let them take advantage of your misfortune… take a lot of sunscreen!


Guys, you’ll be good with 1-2.

Ladies, I’d say no less than 2, but I suggest 3 for a 5 day stay, 4 for a 7-10 stay.  Remember, it’s HOT so you are going to sweat like no-one’s business. Also, it’s nice to always have a dry suit on hand for times when you’re going in-between activities and the pool/beach.

Cover up’s

Honestly, I lived in my cover up’s on vacation. We didn’t do many activities other than hanging out by the beach/pool and eating! I took 3 cover up’s and that was perfect! It’s was so easy to just throw one on a head to the buffet for lunch!

Note: take some that look like a dress, some resorts, restaurants have a dress code. 


Remember the sun in intense, y’all. Do yourself and your face a favor and take a hat. I took a fedora style hat and it was perfect to shield my face, eyes, and ears from the sun.


I’m a little obsessive about my eye and the sun because my eyes are very light-sensitive. I took 3 pair of sunglasses. I wanted to be sure I would have backups for when I lost a pair. Note: try to take them off intermittently so you don’t end up with a sunglasses tan line… this may or may not have happened to me. 🙂 Thanks you, Jesus, for concealer!


I thought my husband was nuts when he came home with two giant non-breakable cups with a lid from Target, but I have to say, it was quite genius! The resorts provide the smallest cups, so you either have to drink up buttercup [to have a cold drink]  and spend all your time getting refills, or buy a tumbler and solve all of your problems. It will keep your drink cold and you won’t have to get drinks every 5 minutes!


With many great dinner restaurants, nightly entertainment, and nightclubs, chances are you’re going to need some fancy footwear. I would suggest taking 2 pair of heels; nude and black and keep your shoes in mind when picking your ” nighttime clothing.”

During the day I wore flip-flops like these. They were light, easy to slip on, and compact, but sturdy enough to walk far distances.

Note: I would also take a pair of sneaker if you plan to workout or go on any adventurous excursions.

Guys: Flip flops, sneakers, boat shoes and a pair of dress shoes if you want to be fancy!

Dress Clothes

Nightlife at an all- inclusive resort is where it’s at.  The resort almost comes alive and you see soooo many people, they have entertainment, happy hour and so much more.  Some restaurants have a dress code that applies to men. I know, rude! So take these tips into consideration when packing for a man.

Guys take 1-2 pair of long pants like slacks or khaki’s,  pair of “fashion” denim jeans, 2 dress shirts and a few polos.

Ladies, pack a dress for every night will be perfect! I wore shorter, skater style dresses because it’s still warm at night. I picked mine up at Forever21 and Charlotte Russe.


Most likely you’ll be going out of the country for you All- inclusive beach vacation. Many things will be different than what you’re probably used to. So I would recommend taking a few different stomach medications like Pepto Bismol pills, Imodium AD, Tums, and a pain reliever.

Also, grab a small bottle of bug spray just in case you’re prone to bug bites, like me. Remember, you’re going to another country so you want to protect yourself against any illnesses due to bug bites.

Note: ask your resort representative if they spray for bugs. Our resort did!


There you are! I hope you learned something and feel a little more at ease about What to Pack for an All-Inclusive Beach Vacation. Now it’s time to get packed & pumped about your dream vacay!!

Bon Voyage!!!

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