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When it comes to makeup products, I’m pretty on top of it.  I know the latest and greatest products, what they do, and what works for me.  However, when it comes to skin care… That’s where I struggle.  I know I’m not the only one in this situation, so I want to share the Proactiv Plus  line of products with you today!

If you’ve been a longtime reader of mine, you know I struggle with adult acne I hate it.  Since becoming an adult my acne has gradually gotten worse.  I constantly struggle with being self-conscious with how my skin look without makeup.  Over time I’ve worked really hard to  perfect a flawless foundation routine, but the bumps you can see through my makeup when I have it on are a dead giveaway.

Over the last month I’ve put the Proactiv Plus products to the test – and I really love them. As an adult acne sufferer, I love that the folks at Proactiv realized that fighting adult acne is a whole other ball game. With Proactive Plus, every enhanced acne fighting benefit comes with an equally powerful skin care benefit.  As your skin ages, you not only have an acne problem, but you have things like wrinkles, dryness, texture issues and a hand full of other concerns that come along with getting older.

I have sensitive skin, so I’ve found that for me, It’s best if I only use this system once a day.

I start by using the Skin Smoothing Exfoliator to wash my face in the morning. I love that this Exfoliator is gentle enough to use everyday without damaging my skin. Next,I use the Pore  Targeting Treatment which is a “magnet for acne” that penetrated deep into pores, leaving them clean of debris, which is what help prevent acne from appearing. After that, I apply the Complextion Perfecting Hydrator that drenches the skin in hydration without clogging pores, help to reduce post acne scars, help to soothe irritation, and leaves skin looking more radiant!

Check out this video review about these highly innovative products from Proactiv Plus!

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